We create opportunities for our participants show their talent to top football academies.


NF Academy is at the forefront of giving Scandinavian youth players opportunities at top European academies. We organize trials for players we see have an international potential, and who themselves have a goal of playing professionally abroad.

For players that we are working together in their career management, it is also part of their sports program join during 1 to 3 weeks of training with top academies per season.

See below all the players that already joined top clubs through NF Academy.

How to be selected?

We do an internal evaluation of all the players who participate in our events, regardless of the program. Players that we see have the potential to attract European top academies, will always have opportunities through us. In our event calendar, you will find an overview of all the upcoming events.

During the summer, players in Scandinavia can also participate in NF International training camps where 8 participants from these events are selected to train with Sporting CP academy.

Atlético de Madrid

Sporting Clube de Braga

  • Bashir Bashiir
    Bashir Bashiir Striker / Winger

    Sweden, 2005

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  • Bendik Foss Evensen
    Bendik Foss Evensen Striker

    Norway, 2004

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  • Georgi Ivanov Shopov
    Georgi Ivanov Shopov Striker

    PFC Slavia, Bulgaria, 2004

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Sporting Clube de Portugal

  • Matteus Nguyen
    Matteus Nguyen

    Norway, 2008

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  • Jacob Francke
    Jacob Francke

    Norway, 2006

  • Bendik Evensen
    Bendik Evensen

    Ullern, Norway, 2004

  • Noah Nilsen
    Noah Nilsen

    Denmark, 2007

  • Benjamin Bygnes
    Benjamin Bygnes

    FK Haugesund SK, Norway, 2004

  • Ingvar Kolbjørnsen
    Ingvar Kolbjørnsen

    Norway, 2005

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  • Noah Solheim
    Noah Solheim

    Norway, 2004

  • Magnus Gaunsbæk
    Magnus Gaunsbæk

    Denmark, 2005

  • Cille Nilsen
    Cille Nilsen


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  • Alfredo Steiner
    Alfredo Steiner

    Sweden, 2006

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  • Blerton Isufi
    Blerton Isufi

    Norway, 2006

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  • Sahle Jim Wållberg
    Sahle Jim Wållberg

    Sweden, 2004

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  • Filip Melbin
    Filip Melbin

    AB, Denmark, 2003

  • Alexander Hughes
    Alexander Hughes

    Chile/Sweden, 2004

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  • Bashir Bashiir
    Bashir Bashiir

    Somalia, 2005

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