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Published on: 30/04/2020
NF Virtual Academy
The NF Academy Director João Plantier meeting with Cille Nilsen, the NF Scholarship player that keep working hard to reach the professional level.


NF Virtual Academy has created a new personal coaching program with world-class youth coaches providing close follow-up and individually tailored exercises to students around the world via Zoom. Learn more about the program and read some of the feedback from players and their parents.

NF Virtual Academy gives players the opportunity to work closely with an NF Professional coach and get personal input and advice during weekly private lessons.

The program director, UEFA Pro coach, João Plantier, is excited about the possibilities:
– The idea is to help players reach a higher level by giving them regular, individual guidance and follow-up. This way, we can help them in the specific aspects of their game they find difficult, and support them to overcome these challenges and develop faster, he said.

Training on our one-month or three-month programs, players are provided with weekly physical, technical and theoretical training exercises with regular personal feedback- and guidance sessions with their coach.

One of the players, Elias Giil, a 2006 player from Florø Sportsklubb in Norway likes the personal attention:
– The coach is friendly and professional and has given me amazing follow-up, also outside the Zoom sessions. He responds quickly to my questions, and makes it easy for me to improve, he said.

NF Academy Player Elias Giil
The 2006 player Elias Giil during one of the technical exercises of NF Virtual Academy.

To best support the players’ development, our coaches give each player weekly exercises and help them to perfect the drills and how to apply them in the game.

Elias’ mother, Siri Giil appreciates the importance of one-on-one support:
– The communication with the coach has been very satisfying and supportive all along. The coach and the material provided is easy to understand and the feedback we receive, both on Zoom and by mail has been beneficial to get the most out of the exercises.

Cille Nilsen is well known for her strong commitment to progression, always making the most of the drills.

The program is available to players of all levels and positions, including goalkeepers, as explained by our goalie coach, João Santos:
– With this program, we can help you improve the technical and mental skills like speed reaction, 1×1 situations, concentration and eye-hand coordination. We also do mentor work and motivation exercises to help you become better keepers, he said.

Our director, Gonçalo Nunes passionately sums it up:
– The NF Virtual Academy program is the ideal individual development tool for all ambitious and motivated boys and girls who are serious about their football performance. During this program, it’s become very clear how tailor-made support and guidance – previously only available to high-level and professional players – benefit the player’s development enormously, also when given in a virtual coaching relationship. Having a professional coach that identifies and support their individual needs is an extreme advantage on a long-term plan, he said.

NF Academy Director Gonçalo Nunes
During the last decade, Gonçalo Nunes has been involved in several international projects and programs at various levels, and now is using his experience to create unique programs to youth players as NF Virtual Academy.

NF Virtual Academy is available for players that have not previously participated in an NF Academy program before. After we get to know you, you will be able to apply for higher-level programs like NF Club Experience and tournaments such as Nordic Invitational Cup or the NF Elite Training Camps.


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