NF Virtual Academy

NF Virtual Academy gives players unique access to personal coaching by an NF Professional coach. In our one- or three-month programs, players will get weekly physical, technical and theoretical training challenges and exercises from the coach. Each player will also receive individual follow-up and feedback in a weekly video consultation to evaluate the training and improvement areas for optimal progression.


NF Virtual Academy is a program for ambitious and highly motivated players who wants to improve their technical, physical, theoretical and mental performance. The program is customized and is suitable for players of all levels and ages interested in a better structure for their self-training with support from a professional coach.


The program starts with an individual consultation with the coach via Zoom where he/she will introduce you the program and explain the goals of the curriculum. Here you’ll also learn more about the exercises and the training program components overall.

Each week the player needs to send the video with the session made to his coach, and also the test in relation to the challenges we have provided.

During the program, the player will together with his coach have a weekly video consultation where the sessions will be analyzed and where they will together progress for the next one. The day and time for each weekly consultation will be decided in coordination with your coach.

What will I learn more about?

The training program will have different themes each week and exercises will be customized to each players level and learning needs. Players will learn more within the following themes:

Physical Training Programs






Injury Prevention

Running Technique & Speed

Individual technique

Passing & Receiving

Ball Control

Drive the ball




• Diagnosis with one introductory video phone consultation (15-20 minutes)
• Video consultation with coach (1 per week)
• Theoretical lectures (1 different per week)
• Physical training program (1 different per week)
• Technical training program (1 different per week)
• Each session will be set to have around 40-45 minutes and should be repeated 2 to 3 times on the week.


Price per player
1 month 160 EUR
3 months 150 EUR per month


Players who buy the full 3 months program, and prepay the whole program, will get a free evaluation report with a value of 30 EUR.


• Video analysis with consultation
Included: Coach analyze a full match, create video analysis report with all match situations where the player is involved and execute meeting with player to give feedback and guidance.
75 EUR per analysis/consultation


• Evaluation Report
A detailed evaluation report of the player’s technical and physical performance and capabilities, as well as specific guidance for improvement going forward. Qualitative and quantitative assessments are an excellent way to track your development on the program and as a player overall.
30 Eur per evaluation report


Here you can meet some of our UEFA certified coaches, all eager to work closely with you in the NF Virtual Academy program. Click for more info on their background or send a request for a free trial, and we’ll contact you shortly.


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