Free Trial NF Virtual Academy

As part of the NF Virtual Academy personal training program, this is included in the one-week free trial:

  • 1x introduction meeting on Zoom getting to know each other and the exercises for the week (20 minutes)
  • 3x Individual exercises to complete at home (Approximately 40 minutes each session)
  • 1x Personal feedback session on Zoom (20 minutes)

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For the first week’s training, you can choose between the following classes:

  1. Passing, Receiving and Endurance.
  2. Ball Mastery.
  3. Mobility & Agility. Drive the ball.
  4. Speed and Dribbling.
  5. Shooting & Strength.

The remaining classes will follow as part of your first month of personal coaching if you choose to continue training with us after the trial week

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