Welcome to NF Selection Riga Cup! Below you will find all the information that you need throughout the week.

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Hotel: AC Hotel by Mariott Riga – Website

Address: Dzirnavu iela 33, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia

Contact Info hotel

  • Phone: +371 67 331 717

If you booked family package through NF Academy remember to mention that the reservations are under NF Academy. 

Check-in after 14:00 on Thursday 30th of January
Check-out until 12:00 on Sunday 2nd of February

  • Smoking is prohibited
  • Silence between 23:00 and 06:00
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is absolutely forbidden
  • The hotel will provide you with room to store bags and luggage after check-out if needed
  • All meals for players (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are included.
  • See program for detailed schedule each day (for players).
  • Parents are free to eat breakfast  whenever they want between the set times of the hotel.
In case any player or a family member has food allergies, please send us an email to

Please have in consideration that this agenda can change. At the Opening meeting staff will inform of any changes in the agenda.

Staff will be in Riga from early morning (30th) in case anyone arrives at the hotel early and need anything.

NF International = NFI
NF West = NFW

Note that there are games both in Skonto Hall and Olympic Sports Center (OSC).

Thursday, 30th of January
From 13:00 Arrival time
13:30-15:00 Training session in Skonto Hall
18:00 Dinner at hotel
20:00 Opening meeting
Friday, 31st of January
Schedule NF International
08:00 Breakfast NFI
08:45 NFI: Walk to Skonto Hall
09:30 Game Skonto: PKKU vs. NFI
11:30 Lunch NFI
13:30 Game Skonto: NFI vs. Athletic FC
18:00 Dinner at hotel
19:30 Team meeting NFI
22:00 Lights out
Schedule NF West
07:00 Breakfast NFW
07:30 NFW bus to Olympic Sports Center
08:30 Game OSC: FC Nõmme United vs NFW
10:00 Bus to hotel
11:00 Lunch
11:30 NFW: Bus to Olympic Sports Center
12:30 Game OSC: FC Honka vs NFW
18:00 Dinner at hotel
19:30 Team meeting
22:00 Lights out
Saturday, 1st ofFebruary
Schedule NF International
09:00 Breakfast NFI
10:15 NFI walk to Skonto Hall
11:00 Game Skonto: сшор Zenit vs. NFI
12:45 Lunch NFI
Schedule NF West
09:00 Breakfast NFW
10:00 Bus to Olympic Sports Center
11:00 Game OSC: FC Midtjyland vs. NFW
12:45 Lunch
Schedule both teams
From 16:00 Play off starts (both teams)
19-20:30 Dinner at hotel (both teams)
21:00 Team meeting
22:00 Lights out
Sunday, 2nd of February
Schedule both teams
07:30 Breakfast
9:00-13:30 Play off games
13:45 Awarding ceremony in Skonto Hall

Skonto Hall

  • Address: Emiļa Melngaiļa iela 1A, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia

Olympic Sports Center

  • Address: Grostonas iela 6B, Vidzemes priekšpilsēta, Rīga, LV-1013, Latvia

Staff contacts

  • Ricardo Damas, Head Coach: +351 964 440 150
  • Luis Briosa, Head Coach: +351 919 065 522
  • Filipe Ferreira, Goalkeeper Coach +351 919 101 979

Our physiotherapist will be Diogo Soares. He will be present and help with any injuries/treatments if necessary.

Guidelines and Rules

Guidelines for parents

It is important that the parents contribute in a positive way to their child’s development, and do not cause any negative experiences. A parent can and should have an important role in their child’s sport development.

  • Prioritize the child’s needs and goals – not your own
  • Have conversations focusing on development – not necessarily current accomplishments
  • Have a close dialogue with the coach before you give tactical advises so that the player does not get in a conflict of interest between parents and coach
  • Remember that football is a team sport: even though NF Academy develop individual players, we also aim to develop the participants as team players. A better performance as a team, will lead to a better performance as a player.

Rules for parents

The following rules are included to make sure the sports program can be accomplished as planned in a positive and friendly way, without unreasonable intervention. Violation of the rules can lead to expulsion of parents and player(s) from the event, that is both the sport program and the hotel.

  • The coaches are in charge during NF Academy’s events and are responsible for the players. All parents need to respect and comply the coaches’ instructions.
  • Do not intervene in the decisions of the coaches. This includes the tactics, choice of players positions, group division etc during warm-up, session/match and straight after. There will be opportunity to speak with the coaches after the training/match (after the coach is finished with the players).
  • Do not intervene with the players during warm-up, session/match and straight after. The players need to stay focused until the session is over and the coach has allowed the players to leave.
  • Do not complain to and about the opponent teams and the referee

Rules for players

Violation of the rules can lead to expulsion of parents and player(s) from the event, that is both the sport program and the hotel.

  • The coaches are in charge during NF Academy’s events and are responsible for the players. All players need to respect and comply the coaches’ instructions.
  • No phones, computers, tablets etc except when the coaches accept the use
  • Check and respect the daily schedule (don’t be late!)
  • Respect your coaches, team mates, opponents, referees and parents
  • Bad attitude on and off the field will not be accepted
  • Do not leave the area where the group is staying (hotel, sports fields etc) without permission from either coaches or parents

Food Requirements

Below you will see a nutrition guide that has been made in cooperation with a nutritionist. This is something we consider important for players success, development and health. In this tournament you might not have all the options, but it is something we recommend the players to follow at home. This is surely just an advice for your kids, not an obligation for the tournament nor elsewhere.
– João Plantier, Academy Director

Buffet for Breakfast / Snacks

  • Still mineral water;
  •  Fresh fruit – whole piece and/or sliced with no added sugars;
  • Juice 100% fruit with no added sugar or light juice;
  • Semi-skimmed milk (heated and still);
  • Flavour yoghurt (liquid or solid);
  • Bread (mix of cereals), whole grain bread or bread with seeds;
  • Neither or low added sugar cereals – oat flakes, whole wheat flakes, rice and wheat flakes, barley flakes, corn flakes;
  • Ham (preferably poultry);
  • Cheese (preferably light);
  • Light or vegetable butter;
  • Fruit jam (strawberry, red fruit or peach);
  • Honey;
  • Coffee;
  • Tea (individual packs);
  • Yellow sugar;

Buffet for Lunch / Dinner


  • Soup base: courgette, sweet potato, carrot, onion and turnip; ▪ Lunch soup (all crushed) – pumpkin /carrot/turnip;
  • Dinner soup – cress / spinach / green bean / cabbage soup;


  • Meat dish: chicken, turkey, lean pork or beef, with no skin or fat;
  • Fish dish: any type of fish;
  • Confection of the meat/fish: grilled, stewed or cooked in the oven, neither or low added fat oils/sauces;
  • Rice and pasta – boiled in salted water;
  • Potato / sweet potato – boiled in salted water or cooked in the oven, neither or low added fat oils/sauces;


  • Cooked: incorporated in the dish or boiled in salted water or steamed, neither or low added fat oils/sauces;
  • Fresh salad without seasoning in separated plates: lettuce, grated carrot, sliced tomato and onion;
  • Condiments: olive oil, cider vinegar, fine salt, oregano and lemon;
  • Beverage: Still mineral water & juice (100% fruit without added sugar or light products)
  • Deserts: Fresh fruit (whole piece and/or sliced with no added sugar), fruit salad (with no added sugar), and jelly;


  • 1 packet of semi-skimmed milk (200ml);
  • 1 packet of crackers (4-6 units) or 1 cereal bar; ▪ 1 piece of fruit (apple, pear or banana);
  • Tea (individual packs);

Lunchbox for Pre / Post Match

  • 1 bottle of mineral water (0,5L);
  • 1 piece of fruit (apple, pear or banana);
  • 1 box of juice 100% fruit with no added sugar or light juice (200ml);
  • 1 sandwich: mix bread or whole-grain bread with 1 slice of poultry ham and 1 slice of light cheese;

Packing list

Pocket money:

We encourage parents to send some pocket money with the players each day, approximately 10 EUR. Pocket money can be used for instance to purchase food and beverages necessary in between the meals.

Passport and insurance:

– Passport (remember to check the expiration date)
– Insurance (travel insurance card or European Health Insurance card)

Football equipment:

– Football shoes for artificial grass
– Sneakers
– Shin guards
– Sweatpants (preferably black)
– Football shorts (NF Academy)
– Football socks (NF Academy)
– Sweater/jacket for training session (NF Academy)
– Blister plaster (“gnagsårplaster”)
– Sports tape
– Water bottle
*If you have ordered NF Academy player kit for this tournament you will receive it at the Hotel

Other things:

– Toiletries
– Lenses/glasses
– Underwear
– Everyday clothes
– Phone + charger
– Medicine if needed

Download the player list here

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