NF Qualification Camp Insurance 2022

NF Elite Qualification Camp is sponsored by NF Academy but note that own personal insurance is required both on and off the playing field.

Accommodation can be facilitated by NF Academy if needed.

  • Each participant must have their own medical insurance.
  • Make sure that the participant is insured both on and off the playing field.
  • NF Academy International does not carry any group insurance protecting participants in case of injury, illness, death, theft or damage to property and does not accept responsibility in any way for accidents, injury, illness, death or economic loss which may arise in the case of war, warlike events, civil war, revolution or civil disturbances or because of the actions of the authorities, strikes, lockouts, blockades, natural disasters, epidemics or similar events. These issues will be resolved under the responsibility of the legal representative of the player and are not the responsibility of NF Academy or the local organization.

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Date Program Country Place Age Group
02 - 05 Feb 2023 NF Selection Riga Cup Latvia Riga 2010
19 - 25 Feb 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 8
Latvia Riga 2006 - 2012
04 - 09 Apr 2023 NF Elite Selection Mic Football Spain Costa Brava 2007-2011
06 - 10 Apr 2023 NF Selection Future Cup Sweden Gothernburg 2007-2012
17 - 27 Jul 2023 NF High Performance Portugal Rio Maior 2008-2005
24 - 28 Jul 2023 NF Selection Laola Cup Germany Hamburg 2012-2006
01 - 07 Oct 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 40
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2007-2013
15 - 21 Oct 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 42
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2007-2013
29 Oct - 04 Nov 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 44
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2007-2013

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