One week with a Portuguese club with players that have the same or higher level than the participant and with individual training with NF Academy Top Coaches.


Travel to Lisbon for a week and experience how Portuguese clubs train, compare the participant’s level with Portuguese players and train individual techniques with NF Academy Coaches.

During the week the participant will also have a personal coach for physical aspects and get an evaluation report from it.  One NF Academy Coach will be with the participant during the week in all the trainings and will give individual feedback about what has been done and what needs to be worked on. In the end of the week the participant will receive an evaluation report for the whole week.


Club experience is for players that are ambitious, that want to get international references, that want to test themselves with different environments, cultures and that want to know how Portuguese clubs train. It’s a great opportunity to train with players that play in a different way so it will be a new challenge and challenges help players to develop.

The program is for both boys and girls from 2007 to 2002.

Participating players will be taken to clubs with their level according to NF Academy evaluation from previous programs that they have done.


With NF Club Experience we focus on the following areas to improve performance and give new opportunities to players:

  • Prepare players for club trials and regional and national selections.  The best players will also have the opportunity to be part for our scholarship programs and be invited to visit other Portuguese clubs.
  • Give players detailed feedback on which areas they need to improve and an detailed evaluation report that gives guidance for their training work.  
  • Experience the Portuguese training methodology, proven to be one of the most successful in youth football on the last decade.
  • Provide the players with a better understanding of their own level in reference to some players in Portugal.
  • Raise the possibility to be part of the selection teams that participate in elite tournaments with some of the best clubs in Europe.
  • Social development through integration in a player group with multiple nationalities, languages and cultures.


• 4 sessions with a Portuguese Club, identified with a good level for the participant.
• All sports activities supported and supervised by a NF Academy Coach.
• 2 individual sessions with an NF Academy Coach.
• 2 sessions with a Physical Coach (Report included from physical tests).
• 1 Evaluation Report included from an NF Academy coach.
• Individual feedback from an NF Academy coach after each session with the club.


Price per player
1200 EUR


*Available only for players travelling all alone.

• Pick up and delivery at the airport in Lisbon.
• Transportation to training sessions and back to accommodation.
• Extra supervision with the player (eating lunch and dinners together).


Price per player
250 EUR


Date Program Country Place Age Group
15 - 25 Jul 2024 NF High Performance Portugal Rio Maior 2009-2006
29 Sep - 05 Oct 2024 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 40
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014
06 - 12 Oct 2024 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 41
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014
13 - 19 Oct 2024 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 42
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014
27 Oct - 02 Nov 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 44
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014


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