NF Academy Goalkeeper Coach – Hélio Santos

Published on: 29/07/2020
NF Academy Coach - Hélio Santos



  • NF Academy Goalkeeper Coach on several Camps (Norway, Sweden)
  • 1 year Coach União Desportiva da Serra Sub 19
  • 1 year Coordinator of the Goalkeeping department of União da Serra
  • Goalkeeper Coordinator / Coach of Atlético Clube Ouriense
  • 1 year Vasco da Gama goalkeeper coordinator / trainer
  • 1 year Main Coach of the Sub 11 of C.D. Fátima
  •  12 years Professional goalkeeper 2nd and 3rd Divisions

Academic Background

  • 12th year Sports
  • UEFA C
  • Postgraduate training in goalkeeper training

What do you like the most about coaching?

I am passionate about football, training is a constant adrenaline rush where I help Goalkeepers to evolve day after day, it is this evolution that gives me enormous pleasure, to be able to see them reaching levels of excellence.


Why should youth players join NF Academy?

At the NF Academy, young goalkeepers will find different methodologies and professional attentive to detail, it will be an asset in the future, a great help in the evolution of young goalkeepers.

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