NF Academy Coach – Filipe Santos

Published on: 27/07/2020
NF Academy Coach - Filipe Santos

NF ACADEMY COACH – Filipe Santos

Filipe Santos has more than 10 years of coaching experience in every stage of younger ages and also two times as assistant coach in senior teams in National Championships and also in Region Championships. He has experience as Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Goalkeeper Coach.


  • 1 Year in Sporting Clube de Portugal as Head Coach u11
  • 1 year in Futebol Clube Alverca as Assistant Coach of the 1st team (Champions and up to a National Division)
  • 7 years in Sport Grupo Sacavenense, as Head Coach and Assistant Coach between u17 and u11 teams.
  • 4 years as Head Coach in União Atlético Povoense u10, u11 and u12.
  • 3 years as Assistant Coach in União Desportiva Vilafranquense, u10, u11 and u17.

Academic Background

  • Master Degree in Sports coaching in Faculty of Human Kinetics
  • Master Degree in Teaching Physical Education in Elementary and Secondary School
  • Sports Sciences Degree in Faculty of Human Kinetics
  • UEFA B Coach

What do you like the most about coaching?

I love teaching the kids how to understand the game that I love. The coach needs to know that he’s a role model for the players and we have the responsability not only to teach the game but also to teach the values of what is a good human being, of how to live in society, cooperate with the teamates, tha the player needs his team to go further, and that’s how we have to do in sports but also in life.


Why should youth players join NF Academy?

NF Academy gives the opportunity for these kids to have a different experience of how to practice and learn football, a different methodology. At the same time, NFAcademy gives the opportunity for the players to experience a different kind of camps, to balanced the level of the players giving them a difficult and complex context, which is going to give them a good environment to improve not only the technical and tactical skills but the psychological strength, improve self-confidence and allow the players to be the best they can be.

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