“It is a big step, the dream of any youth football player”

Published on: 16/02/2021
Thorbjørn Kristiansen signed his first professional contract with HamKam
Thorbjørn Kristiansen signed his first professional contract with HamKam

– It is a big step, the dream of any youth football player

We are glad to announce that recently another NF Scholarship player signed his professional contract; Thorbjørn Kristiansen just signed for Hamarkameratene.

We want to share another great example of success for inspiring all the youth talents in their journey as football players. Thorbjorn join us digitally for an interview, where he shared how he is as a player, his journey until now and what he expects to reach in the future.

The journey of the powerful center-back

Thorbjørn Kristiansen: 15 years-old, center-back, left-foot, tall and fast, strong in the 1vs1 defensively.

The first club of Thorbjørn was Furnes Fotball, where he stayed a few years and started his football journey. At 13 years old, he decided to face the challenge of joining a tryout in Hamkam, and he made it. The club quickly identified his talent, and center-back joined the club.

Thorbjørn always played with the older teams, which NF Academy believes was a differentiator and booster in his development. Today Thorbjørn is training with the U-19 team, and in a few weeks, he hopes to join the first-team training sessions.

Thorbjørn is also close to his debut in the Norwegian National team. He was already a name on the list in October 2020 and is attending the group’s meetings. The matches went postponed due to the pandemic situation, but he believes he soon will get his chance.

The experience at NF Academy from the 1st camp until Sporting CP

This great relation between Thorbjørn and NF Academy started a few years ago at Bærum, where the player decides to join an NF local camp. He was thrilled with the experience: competent coaches and a unique working methodology. Thorbjørn attended two more NF local camps.

NF Academy coaches got impressed with his defensive and physical performance and invited him to join the NF Scholarship program for one year. Through this program, Thorbjørn joins one of the most exciting experiences in his journey until now: a training week at the Sporting CP academy.

Thorbjørn was very grateful to work in such a professional environment, meet new coaches and new players. It was a genuinely learning week for the youth star.

Click here to read more about the NF Academy Scholarship program.

The sensation of sign the 1st professional contract and what comes next

“It is a big step,” says Thorbjørn. He knows that signing the first contract was a possibility since he joined the club, but it is always something unexpected and has a significant impact on the youths. It is the first “big step” to reach, in fact, the professional level.

And… what comes next?

Thorbjørn is very realistic and ambitious at the same time when we talk about the future. The next step is to join the HamKam first team; after that, he has no defined goals or dreams. He wants to work a lot, develop as much as possible, and see where he can reach. He wants to go far, but always with his feet on the ground, “step-by-step,” he says.

Thorbjørn is the third player NF Academy player that signed a professional contract in 2021. You can know the story from the other two players: Cille Nilsen and Kimi Storsjö.

Family support is one of the key’s

NF Academy already pointed this many times, but we think it is never too much.

Thorbjørn family, and especially his dad, is being one of the pillars during the journey. They support and encourage the player to keep growing, learning, experiencing new environments, new clubs, and this “door opening” from parents is very important.

Thorbjørn also shared his feelings about NF Academy follow-up during the NF Scholarship program, “the follow-up was excellent and helped me reach the next level. My family and I are very thankful for the support we got.” he says.

NF Academy team is also delighted to be part of your journey as a football player.

NF Academy wants to congratulate Thorbjørn Kristiansen for this first big achievement!


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