Being a Coach – 6 Important Skills

Published on: 08/03/2021
NF Academy Professional Coaches
NF Academy Professional Coaches

Being a Coach – 6 Important Skills

The key is not to focus on being a technical genius, a super enthusiastic coaching guy, or a good teacher. The key is to find a balance between all of these areas.

The technical team is the central pillar of NF Academy’s effectiveness and success in developing youth soccer players. With this, we have to be very rigorous in the coach selection process.

We know that even when the coach’s quality is above average, it is not only his knowledge that will make the player evolve. The coach must have the ability to stimulate the players’ interest and motivation, find the best way to teach and reach the young players, and manage his emotions and those he works with.

The key question for this selection process’s success is: What are the essential skills to identify the best coaches?

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Rodrigo Silva joined NF Academy some months ago and he is "impressed with the way that my work is helping the players developing".
Rodrigo Silva joined NF Academy some months ago and he is "impressed with the way that my work is helping the players developing".

A good coach needs to have a super complete profile. In addition to the game’s reading ability, it is essential to master the pedagogical logic of the teaching,

says the NF Coach Rodrigo Silva, who is currently working in Oslo.

Rodrigo keeps explaining, “The coach’s role implies making organized decisions based on indicators and according to requirements that obey an order and in different domains:
– organization of the training sessions;
– leadership style;
– forms of communication with players, officials, referees, journalists, etc.;
– strategic and tactical options arising from observation and analysis of the game;
– controlling the pressure inherent to competition;
– and having the ability to manage his emotions and from the entire team.”

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6 important skills

Just as we talked with Rodrigo Silva, we also spoke with several coaches from different sports modalities, different contexts, and different ages. After that, we identified 6 primary skills that a coach should have:

1 – Leadership
Take control and have the initiative to suggest and decide about each situation related to the technical area (and sometimes, the same out of the pitch). Players and other team members will feel secure that you do not hesitate to take the lead.

Adopting an assertive (never aggressive) and confident speech also will help the coach reach others’ respect regarding their opinions and commands.

2 – Knowledge
The coach must have the capacity to look at a player or a team, identify their needs and strong points, and then organize a working plan to reach as successful as he can the players/club goals. In summary: capacity to analyze the player/team + put in practice a good work plan.

Here the experience helps a lot. Working based on his experiences and knowledge from successful cases will increase the working method’s effectiveness.

3 – Be a teacher
The trainer must transmit knowledge, as it is not enough to know; it is necessary to understand how to teach, especially working with kids (a key point for lead the NF training sessions)

Even when a coach is not a “natural teacher,” it is vital to learn with his experience the most effective ways to explain exercises, game situations, and other information.

4 – Own Qualities
To be loyal to the workgroup, to lead all its activities, to work hard and enthusiastically, to be natural, and to act following the personality that one has;

5 – Working as a Team
A working group based exclusively on individual value provides greater possibilities for personal player development, but be a football player means be part of a team. A player alone will never significantly impact the game; he must know how to play with his team to reach the victories.

It belongs to the coach to know how to work as a team;

6 – Creating a Climate of Success
The desired climate of success depends on the coach’s enthusiasm and dedication, and it is up to him to do his best for the benefit of each player and the workgroup. It is the coach’s responsibility to help athletes overcome season after season and, above all, to become confident in their execution and decision skills.

The success climate depends mainly on the perfect determination of the objectives that must be following the athletes’ possibilities and be attainable.

Dozens of coaches already contribute with their knowledge on our Local and International players for the NF Players development.
Dozens of coaches already contribute with their knowledge on our Local and International players for the NF Players development.

NF Coaches Team

NF Academy starts building its team some years ago; today has a very experienced and professional technical team that is creating a real impact on Scandinavia’s youth development.

Most of them have a background in the best Portuguese academies as Sporting CP and SL Benfica. Know here the background from our coaches.

If you want to join our programs and learn with these top coaches, take a look at the upcoming events in your region here.

We are always able to know new coaches that might be interested in joining our project. To know more, you can contact us.


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Week 40
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014
13 - 19 Oct 2024 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 42
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014
27 Oct - 02 Nov 2023 NF Elite Training Camp
Week 44
Portugal Lisbon / Estoril 2009-2014

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