3 positioning skills from Haaland that youth should develop

Published on: 23/02/2021
Haaland Norge
Haaland Norge

3 positioning skills from Haaland that youth should develop

Below we will analyze some details that turn Halland into one of the world’s best strikers to our youth players learn and put into practice in their training sessions.

It is no news for anyone; Erling Haaland is a complete striker and with the potential to be one of the best. He is fast, strong, with a high-level technique and great game reading’ capacities.

But let’s focus on some details that any youth player can start focusing on, right now, to become better in offensive situations.

If you need support from professional coaches to analyze your performances and identify what you should improve, please request us a consultation with our technical team. If you prefer to join local training sessions in your region, take a look at our event calendar.

3 offensive movements from Haaland that turning into goals

Positioning is one of the essential characteristics for all football players, and with the correct training, it is a characteristic that can be improved. Let’s analyze three different movements that allow Haaland to be so active in several offensive situations.

1 – Create holes on the opposite defensive line.

He is not just a finisher but also a “defending breaker.” It is possible to identify several moves from Haaland from the center zone to one side to bring the center back with him, creating a massive space in the goal’s direction. The defenders know his potential, so they will not leave him alone.

With this, their midfield colleagues will appear in the space and search for the numeric superiority on the opposite side that Haaland pulls up the defender.

Video from bundesliga.com

2 – Wait for the perfect moment to stay onside

Control the positioning to avoid offside is one of the characteristics that all strikers should work on. Haaland is an excellent example of this.

Halland controls almost the offside line with success, waiting for the perfect moment to use his acceleration to gain some meters advantage from the defenders.

Of course, for Haaland, you can think it is easy because he is fast. But that is the point we want to reach, for the slow strikers is even more critical accurate this skill because you have to win enough space to avoid being caught by the defenders.

Video from bundesliga.com

3 – Tricky moves inside the penalty area

Be a striker is not just waiting for an opportunity to score; it is about creating the opportunity.

Haaland can do it inside the penalty area against two or three defenders. He uses his initial positioning to trick the defenders, making them mispredict his position, and inside the penalty area, that is half-a-goal.

In the video below, you can see two examples where Halaand scored with this movement.

Video from bundesliga.com

Know in which characteristics you should focus on your training sessions

NF Academy notes that some players never receive detailed feedback from their performance or personalized guidance to their needs or position in the field.

Know the player level, what he has to improve, and his strong points are vital to him focus on what matters and, consequently, boost his development effectiveness.

NF Academy created different programs to support the youth players individually. Our professional coaches will analyze and guide the youth to help them reach their goals, and give them an overview of them as football players.

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